Is everything an illusion?


My mind is currently going through a – ‘I’m not sure what to do next’ – stage.

I have to start making a few decisions that can affect my future and the future of my daughter – but I am not sure which road is the right road. Should I even be travelling down any road right now, or should I just remain stationary in the hope that the road will somehow change like a train track and end up going right past my current position…*sigh*.

Am I just frightened about taking the next step? Am I just frightened that I will make the wrong decision? Am I just frightened that I won’t be able to manage or support myself and my daughter? Why am I being so fearful when I know that there is nothing to really fear?

Fear is the root of all concerns. It is the most powerful emotion that can prevent a good opportunity from becoming the greatest opportunity.

I need to stop being afraid and just do what I know is right!

But how do I know if I am doing the right thing? How do I know that my decision is the best decision? I am told to trust the Universe…it won’t let me down… but I can’t pay my bills or buy food with promises, hugs or with leaves. The world we live in requires money…real live money…not monopoly money!

The joke really is on us if we stop to think about it – what is money? Isn’t it as fake as monopoly money? Isn’t it just as pretend as drawing on a piece of paper? Who said it was ‘real’? Who gave it value?…. In effect, we did! We were told that it’s legitimate. We were told that it is what we need to use in order to survive. So that is what we did. We believed what we were told, and in turn we hold it as the most valuable commodity in our life. But wonder if we were told monopoly money was legitimate? Doesn’t that equate to the same thing? We as human beings, who have free will and a free mind, are the ones who have decided that this simple piece of paper holds value. A value, which causes us to exhaust ourselves working. We work long, hard hours. We slave night and day. We ‘hustle’ to make ends meet just to make enough of that paper to give away to someone else. Why didn’t we use leaves? Or dirt? Or water? Or sand? There are so many of those elements, and they’re all FREE!  Mother Earth is rich with soil and plants and water. The earth replenishes itself every day. There would never be a shortage of her wealth, and she wouldn’t turn us down because our credit rating wasn’t    good enough, and she wouldn’t lock us up because we couldn’t afford to pay her back.  When did we decide that we had to be slaves to earn paper that has no value, except the value we have placed on it?

Societies, governments and individuals tell us we are free thinkers. We have free will to do what we want, think how we want, and say what we want. But are we truly ever free? Take a moment to consider your so-called ‘free will’, and name one thing that is free about it.

We will forever be chained to our own mental slavery as we are continuously force fed lies and deceit. We accept hatred disguised as wars against terrorists. We accept fascism and racism, disguised as religion – a highest form of love they tell us. We are told the sky is falling every day, but instead of looking up to see if it is true, we run and cower in terror. We are quick to accept what someone else says. We are quick to believe the other person, instead of questioning for ourselves.

Fear isn’t real! Fear is manufactured just like the drugs Big Pharma keep forcing down our throats. ‘Fear’ is what the controlling powers consider their ‘pill’ – used to manipulate and control us. By instilling fear, it keeps us believing that the system they designed to help us, is doing just that. When in truth it is harming our every movement, our every thought. It is harming the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. It is harming how our children are taught, and the chemicals that are injected into their fragile little bodies under the guise of being a ‘vaccine’. It is the education system which has been regurgitating the same information for centuries. The manipulation, the lies, the deceit and the fear is instilled from childhood. As we grow, we learn to accept that being spoon-fed information and believing everything without question is normal. We are told that if it is written in a book it is fact. If the man who is leader of the nation says it, then it’s true, and if it is seen on TV then it is real. Time, and time again, all this has been proven to be propaganda used to limit our movement and control our freedom. The very same freedom which ‘they’ tell us we are in complete control of.

We are solely responsible for allowing ourselves to be controlled and manipulated. We have allowed ‘them’ to dictate to us what they consider right and wrong. We have allowed whoever ‘they’ are – to promote their propaganda – which are merely sugar pills. We cry out that we need to be governed so we elect idiots to have control over us and then complain they are idiots. NO! We are the idiotic sheep scrambling around looking for the leader of the pack – who happens to be the wolf dressed in lambs clothing. We can clearly see that something is not right. We can clearly see that things don’t add up – but because we are afraid of just being true to ourselves, we humbly accept the wolf as one of our own – as he later laughs with his friends at our gullible nature.

I know I ended up on this rant because of my inability to make – what I would consider-  the ‘right decision’. I too admit that I am a product of a fear based society, who has to rely on the same monopoly money to survive. This is the course which has been chartered by nations before me , and I must accept that I too must succumb to the powers who hold the purse strings. But what I will not do is succumb to the fear based tyranny that has poured its poison over the nations, societies, peoples and individuals. I will not allow myself to be lured in by the glitter and gold of false promise of hope and prosperity. I will not be drawn and trapped by the web of deceit that abound , like clouds in the sky.

Today I take that stand against fear and all the shackles it has over me. Today I tell myself that I will no longer be held captive by the thoughts that keep me enslaved. Today I am finally fee. Today I am free to choose the path that best suits me and my life. Today I am free to be me!