Strangers connected through blogs


Today I have chosen to digress from how my travelling adventures began. This afternoon I had the time to read other blogs (since its the weekend) and one thing hit me…we are all complete strangers on separate journeys, but totally connected by our form of expression.

We all started blogging for various reasons, but each of us had the same reservations. We didn’t know where to begin or if we would be judged. We were all unsure if anyone would like – or even relate to – our stories or adventures. We were all wary of what to say or how to say it. One thing is for sure though…once we started, it became the most exhilarating experience.

It is a form of artistry in black and white. It is a form of cleansing and a rebirth. It is an opportunity to be a voice for people who may still be afraid to let their truth be heard.

I’m not sure why I really started to blog. My entire life my mother told me I should be a writer…who listens to their mother anyway, right? Then I used to have crazy experiences on my travels, and when I regaled my family with stories, they would laugh, and tell me I should write a book. Again, who listens to family…they are probably humoring you anyway. There were those quiet moments when I had lot on my mind and Facebook status updates were not always the appropriate medium to air them. So they would remain locked in my head bubbling away like a volcano about to erupt.
It was a work colleague that told me about blogging, because she had started, and for her it was liberating. I was a little skeptical at first, but I signed up, totally unsure of what I should or shouldn’t say. What was the correct “blogging etiquette”? Were there rules to follow? Were there codes of ethics or guidelines? Wonder if I sounded retarded, and total strangers didn’t think I was witty, or humorous or sensible enough? Lets face it, a blog is a public diary. A diary where all your thoughts, beliefs, pains, experiences, failures, ups and downs are aired like dirty laundry. You are leaving yourself open for ridicule and judgement. Who really has the guts to do that??

However… once you say “fuck it! This is me, take it or leave it”, then you have accepted the challenge to allow every stranger into the darkest recesses of your mind – to scrutinize as they see fit. But in doing so, you are standing proudly with your dirty laundry waving it like a white flag saying to the world, “look at me! I am perfectly flawed and beautifully created. We are all the same, and I am happy for you to join in my travels – physically, emotionally or spiritually- so that you can be part of my magical experiences”.

As far as my story goes, I’m pleased I started. My mum was right (as usual), it is such a liberating experience to recall your memories or to share your passion with people who ‘get it’. To be part of a community of like minded strangers who suddenly aren’t strangers anymore because they have welcomed you into their world like long lost friends.
My blog is recalling my travels in my late twenties, it will be interspersed with reblogs from fellow writers who have hit a chord

and I’m sure I shall digress a few times with my personal rantings.

Blogging is beautiful! Namaste fellow bloggers and future friends!