Small town living trumps the big city perils

There I was back in my small town, living the small town dream where I knew everyone and everyone knew me. It sure did beat living in the big city and being approached by horrendously vile characters who wanted to do unscrupulous things…like paint me nude! Yuck! Lets just say I was pretty relieved to be back where I belonged…for now.

After my 5 day stint in London I was teased rotten by my friends. They thought I was dumb for even going in the first place – but what did they know – they had spent their entire lives in the small town living the small dream. Half of them hadn’t even been out of the United Kingdom, much less to London. At least I can say I tried it, and didn’t like it…for now I was going to find a job that I liked that didn’t call for me to pose nude or befriend gold riddled short men with minions as followers.

I was back in Smallsville for about 2 weeks when I found out that my boss at the nightclub was opening a tapas/wine bar. I could barely contain my excitement – because I knew that he would have to hire me – it would only make sense right? Yeah exactly, that’s what I thought – so I approached him with a positive attitude to ask about a job. He wasn’t very forthwith in responding. He nodded and smiled. I never did get confirmation that he would hire me for the role of bar supervisor – i just prayed. I guess I hoped he would assign that position to me considering I was one of his top bartenders. I knew then and there I would have to leave it up to Life. It was out of my hands. A month later I got the call to come by the bar and have a walk through and meet the new staff, and to sign my contract as supervisor! Woohoo! I was overjoyed! This was going to be THE job! The job that gave me the responsibility I craved; the job that allowed my personality to shine and the job that would allow me to finally move out of my dad’s house!

From the moment I started, I enjoyed every moment of that job. I met so many people from all walks of life and I had a whole new appreciation for long hours and sore feet. But it didn’t matter, because everyday was a laugh and we had a fantastic team who knew the value of hard work. We had our fair share of ‘situations’ from time to time though…which I guess kept us all on our toes. One night we were super quiet and we were going to lock up early but there was a couple finishing up their drinks. We left them alone until they were finished and then we were going to advise them we were closing. The bartender and I went into the kitchen to tidy up, and after about 10mins we heard really strange noises. Thinking that it was the coffee machine acting up, or the pinball machine doing something it shouldn’t, I darted back into the main area of the bar and the sight that confronted me was nothing short of pornographic. I won’t bore you with details, but let’s just say, to this day my eyes still feel sensitive. Thank goodness that those moments were certainly not common place – unless of course they occurred when I wasn’t on duty – but I am pleased to say there were no further incidents of that nature. We did however, have a horrific ‘accident’ (for want of a better word), which as the supervisor, I was gladly able to delegate responsibility to someone else (wink). One late afternoon, we were preparing for the evening customers to arrive. We were prepping the bar stations, shutting down the coffee machine, restocking the fridges, and checking and cleaning the bathrooms. Considering this was a Friday, you can imagine it was all hands on deck to ensure by 5pm everything was ready for the Friday after work crowd. By 4.30pm things were going great. Shift changeover had gone smoothly and we were eagerly anticipating the rowdy after work crowd to kick start the Friday nights fun. Just as the team and I were about to do a quick debrief, a young lady who had been quietly finishing up her coffee in the far corner of the bar approached us, as she was leaving, to let us know that the bathroom needed sorting out. I was a little taken aback, because I was the one to restock it and give both the male and female toilets a good clean. I was confused by her statement and I ran upstairs to have a look. WOW! Probably the only word I could use to describe the scene that I saw. I was so stunned I could barely move. Shock gave way to horror, and I just screamed as if my life depended on it. My scream scared my team, but I heard them racing up the stairs and they were shouting at me to make sure I was alive. As they came screeching to a halt and surveyed what my eyes could not process – the severity of what we were facing sank in, and so did the short amount of time within which to rectify it.

The entire team enjoying a little celebration together.

As the supervisor, I was not opposed to being the boss in that precise moment, and I walked away muttering that I was not going to be responsible for that mess – I had a bar to run. I know your imaginations have all started going wild, and you have created all kinds of scenes in your head – maybe you’ve even conjured up a dead body – whatever you imagined, multiply that by 1000, and maybe,  just maybe, you would have a basic gist of what we saw. But let me just finish by saying this – it was EVERYWHERE! My wonderful, sweet staff member pulled on those gloves like a true professional and in the nick of time she had scoured and buffed every nook and cranny – it was like the horror scene had never existed when she was finished. Needless to say, to show my gratitude, I let her go home early that night – but not until after the entire team and I had a great laugh about what had happened. That was our defining moment which unified us as friends and as a team. To this day, we still keep in touch with each other, and I know if, and when, our paths cross again, it will be like we were never apart.

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