New Year…New Me?

Can you believe Christmas is over already, and 2015 has officially begun?! Where did the time go? Where did the year go? Everything feels like a blur and it all seems to have happened yesterday as far as I’m concerned.

My daughter and I had a lovely Christmas holiday – actually, let me rephrase that – my daughter had an awesome holiday, and I just feel even more tired. Christmas really is for children. They eat chocolate, stay up late, watch copious amounts of tv, play with friends until late, and generally have no care in the world. Parents on the other hand, have to be constantly on the move – picking up, dropping off, heaving through Christmas shoppers, stuck in Christmas traffic, spendIMG_1521920524988608 3 hours wrapping presents until our backs and necks are in complete pain…and if you are a real supermom, you will be slaving over the stove to prepare the best Christmas feast EVER! Yeah…that part I opted out of! I chose the easy way out, and got someone else to cook instead. I figured I already had enough on my plate without adding the stress of cooking for a 5 year old who will only look at it and say ‘YUCK!’

All in all the 2 week break came and went, and so did the whole excitement of the ‘new year, new me’. As I see it, it may be a new year, but it’s a continuation of the same things that have been happening from the previous year. I am all for new ideas, fresh starts etc, but whats the point of promising yourself that you will start that diet or you will eat healthy and exercise …you had 365 days prior to this to start those fads at least once. A new year simply means growth. You will never be the same person this year, that you were last year. So much happens to alter your way of thinking, your choices, even your lifestyle. Funnily enough, despite what happened the year before, you will always change for the better. The new year is a chance to reflect on all the crap that hit the fan – which you believed you could never get over – only to realize that here you are…still going strong. The new year is a momentous occasion – not to shun the past, but to embrace it and press ahead with the knowledge and the skills you acquired along the way.

As we enter into 2015 take stock of who you are, what you want to do and where you want to be. Have you changed? Do you feel stronger and more in control than you did a year ago? Those are the questions to ask yourself.