Is this ‘real’ love that I’m feeling?


What does romance and love mean? To me, It feels like romance and love died a million years ago. All I see is failure. Failed relationships, failed marriages, cheating secrecy and hatred. Love and romance seems to have died an unspeakable death. I was lying in my bed the other night trying to meditate and the concept of ‘Love’ popped into my head…

From the spiritual perspective, if we are all here in these ‘earthly’ bodies to experience love – love thy neighbor, wife, father, sister, dog, fish, plants etc, why is mankind consumed with so much worry, fear, greed, envy, lust? When did we stop serenading and start maiming?

I feel lost in a fog trying to figure out this whole ‘love’ thing. I met a really wonderful guy recently, and I told him that on paper he is a woman’s dream come true. He says and does all the right things, a perfect gentleman in every sense of the word. But why is it that nice guys finish last? Why is it that no one wants an attentive, sweet caring and loving man who will love them until their old and grey? Why? Is it because Life seems to be about having to fight and struggle… struggle to get a job, build a home,  start a family or even find the right person. Is it because we have got so used to struggling and fighting and compromising that when perfection falls in our laps we overlook it as a mistake or accident, and even question the validity?

He then said the most profound thing – “we have become a ‘throwaway’ society. Nothing is built to last. Once it’s broken, don’t fix it…just get a new one. No one makes an effort anymore”. I am convinced there are many of us trying to wake up from this reality we have created for ourselves. We are yearning for a different way of thinking and doing. How do we differentiate between the wholesome true love and the ‘physical gratification’ love – which would appear to have become the accepted norm?

After much research, meditating and discussions I have drawn the conclusion that love is twofold – both physical and spiritual. Everyone has, and can attain physical love…that’s easy. It happens every day… say the right things, do the right things, touch the right spots. However, the hardest love to attain is spiritual love. That’s the love that surmounts all obstacles. That’s the love that binds and holds the pieces together. That is the love that is hardest to achieve – because it is forever and cannot be ‘thrown away’.

Right now, relationships are all about instant gratification…immediate satisfaction. It is so quick and easy to say ‘I love you’, but have the souls made a connection that requires no words? When those two souls connect that to me would be the essence and construct of real love.

My question to the universe is this…is spiritual love instant or is it something that grows and develops over time…or does time become irrelevant? How do you know this connection has been made? Do you hear trumpets and angels singing? Do you see fairy dust falling from the sky? Does your heart swell and skip a beat? How do you know?


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