Giving Thanks…or not really?

black friday

I am a little stumped by this whole ‘Thanksgiving’ tradition. What does it really mean? Does it mean that no matter how crappy you have felt the entire year, and no matter how many times you have moaned and complained about Life and all its failings, or how often you pulled the ‘woe is me’ card, this is the one day out of the year that you can put all your issues and indifference’s aside to thank Life for blessing you with all the wonderful things…such as friends and family, and the air we breathe, food on the table and the roof over our head?

Or has Thanksgiving only really become about how much food you can consume at however many houses in one day? Does it mean you are now allowed to walk with your empty container to take away as much food as humanly possible so you don’t have to cook for a couple days? And while siphoning food like a squirrel, you are truly thankful to the person for slaving over the hot stove so you didn’t have to?

But after spending one day eating until you pass at, the following day becomes a massacre…an all out riot! So right after giving so-called ‘thanks’, the following day is all about waging war. It is a war over possessions to see who can grab and hold on to the first thing that catches the eye.

I have seen some crazy videos this morning that had me quite frightened. Grown men were pushing women to the ground, children where being trampled, women were in all out battle with each other – and what was the prize?… Smart TV’s!! Huh?? So after giving thanks for everything you already have, now you are having a tug of war shouting expletives over a TV!?! I am so confused. Is this what the entire holiday season has come to? We forget our morals, our principles, our basic common decency because the dollar has been reduced to something more affordable?

I give thanks that I still have a sense of dignity.

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