Why Worry?

We spend each waking moment worrying…worrying about situations we cannot control, worrying about events that have not happened yet and worrying about what other people might think. We worry about our family members, our health, our jobs, our finances. We worry about a tomorrow that might never happen. We worry about a future that we know nothing about.

Why do we focus so much time and energy into worrying? Who is it benefiting when we worry? Are we telling ourselves we are being proactive, because if we didn’t worry then it means we don’t care? Worrying does not solve a problem, it doesn’t resolve a situation and it doesn’t ease the mind. Worrying is not proactive, its reactive. How about we stop reacting! If we are spiritual beings enjoying a physical existence then why worry? We are here to fulfill our own unique purpose…obstacles have occurred not because we have made a mistake, but to divert our attention to something else. Stop worrying about the obstacle and start looking at the diversion. We will find that by paying closer attention, something bigger and better is waiting.


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