Giving Thanks…or not really?

black friday

I am a little stumped by this whole ‘Thanksgiving’ tradition. What does it really mean? Does it mean that no matter how crappy you have felt the entire year, and no¬†matter how many times you have moaned and complained about Life and all its failings, or how often you pulled the ‘woe is me’ card, this is the one day out of the year that you can put all your issues and indifference’s aside to thank Life for blessing you with all the wonderful things…such as friends and family, and the air we breathe, food on the table and the roof over our head?

Or has Thanksgiving only really become about how much food you can consume at however many houses in one day? Does it mean you are now allowed to walk with your empty container to take away as much food as humanly possible so you don’t have to cook for a couple days? And while siphoning food like a squirrel, you are truly thankful to the person for slaving over the hot stove so you didn’t have to?

But after spending one day eating until you pass at, the following day becomes a massacre…an all out riot! So right after giving so-called ‘thanks’, the following day is all about waging war. It is a war over possessions to see who can grab and hold on to the first thing that catches the eye.

I have seen some crazy videos this morning that had me quite frightened. Grown men were pushing women to the ground, children where being trampled, women were in all out battle with each other – and what was the prize?… Smart TV’s!! Huh?? So after giving thanks for everything you already have, now you are having a tug of war shouting expletives over a TV!?! I am so confused. Is this what the entire holiday season has come to? We forget our morals, our principles, our basic common decency because the dollar has been reduced to something more affordable?

I give thanks that I still have a sense of dignity.


Being a mum without a mum…


Being a mummy has taught me a lot. I wish my mummy was here to see me following in her footsteps.

Many can relate to this, and understand how difficult it is to be a mum without a mum. As I was scrolling through facebook I came across a link for a blog entitled, ‘Being a mum without a mum’ (see link below). Normally I scroll past these links, completely uninterested…however, the title of this particular one hit a chord.

My mum was one of those – the one who everyone wished was theirs, the one who was cool and took the time to listen without judgement. She was the mum that had the best snacks and had ready supplies of candy for all the neighborhood kids. She’s the mum who always had a recreation room in her house so that everyone could hang out and feel comfortable. She was the mum who kept up with the latest songs and dance moves, and wasn’t afraid to get into the groove – no matter how embarrassed I was. She was the mum who called everyone ‘darling’ and ‘sweetheart’ and had her arms open for an immediate hug. She was the mum who listened and paid attention to every story and took the time to remember every name.

A day certainly doesn’t go by when I don’t yearn to be someones daughter again – to be the one wrapped in a big hug and to be told that everything is gonna be just fine. To bring me a glass of water and rub my head when I feel unwell. To wipe my tears when I feel upset. To be my confidante and keeper of secrets.

Being a mum without a mum is probably one of the hardest things I have had to face. So for those of you who have a mum – cherish her, love her, hug her, tell you adore her everyday. There is going to come a point when you will no longer be someones daughter – instead you will be someones mummy – and that is when you realise how much you miss your own mum.

Just Breathe…

Fear will cripple you. Fear will destroy every organ and cell in your body. Fear drives you to the brink of your own sanity. Fear will laugh at you, mock you and taunt you. Fear haunts you in your dreams and surrounds your movements in the day. Fear plays games with your mind and pretends to be your friend.

What is fear? Fear is your own worst enemy….YOU! You are the only one in control of fear. You are the only one who can open the door and welcome fear into your home and allow it to take up residence in your mind.

Fear is nothingness! It is a state of being afraid of the unknown. If you are unsure of something you are fearful. If you have no control over a situation, you become frightened. Breathe. Relax. There is nothing to fear except fear itself. Let go without reservation or intrepidation…let go of the fear. You might be quite surprised at the outcome.


trust and let go

Never Give Up!

“Never give up! Keep on chugging!” Isn’t that what people tell you all the time? Try telling that to someone who hasn’t given up and is still chugging, but no matter how hard they try, they are still fighting, still struggling and the light at the end of the tunnel is like a mirage in the middle of a desert. What happens if they decide to give up? Does that mean they lost? Does it mean they stopped caring? Or does it mean they opened their eyes and realised that greatness was always around them…but they were looking for it in the wrong place?

never give up

Why Worry?

We spend each waking moment worrying…worrying about situations we cannot control, worrying about events that have not happened yet and worrying about what other people might think. We worry about our family members, our health, our jobs, our finances. We worry about a tomorrow that might never happen. We worry about a future that we know nothing about.

Why do we focus so much time and energy into worrying? Who is it benefiting when we worry? Are we telling ourselves we are being proactive, because if we didn’t worry then it means we don’t care? Worrying does not solve a problem, it doesn’t resolve a situation and it doesn’t ease the mind. Worrying is not proactive, its reactive. How about we stop reacting! If we are spiritual beings enjoying a physical existence then why worry? We are here to fulfill our own unique purpose…obstacles have occurred not because we have made a mistake, but to divert our attention to something else. Stop worrying about the obstacle and start looking at the diversion. We will find that by paying closer attention, something bigger and better is waiting.