This Covid-19 virus has made me more aware of my health and immunity. With essential medicines running low because of unnecessary hoarding, and the worry of the symptoms we may face, which may not be covid-19, but allergies, sinusitis and even nervous tummys, I feel that it is essential to share my methods for staying on top of illnesses during this time…and beyond. These 9 NATURAL REMEDIES have been tried and tested with me and my 10 year old for years, and are suitable for adults, children and babies.

1. COUGH – The foot is where essential healing begins, hence the popular trend of reflexology. At bedtime, lather both feet with pure eucalyptus essential oil and wear socks. If you don’t have eucalyptus oil then tiger balm is good, and the last resort is Vicks vapor rub. Maintain this regime every night until the cough subsides.

2. SORE THROAT – Everyone knows about gargling with warm salt water, made from sea salt and boiled water, but I have found something additional that helps. Make sure you have a good supply of limes! Cut a lime in half and suck on the juice! Yes it’s sour…but it will definitely make your throat feel better quite quickly!

3. FEVER – Over the counter meds are helpful, but if you don’t have any, or you can catch the fever in time, garlic and honey is the safest, easiest and very effective option. You can create a batch in a reusable glass container so that it is available whenever you need it. Crush the garlic – be generous with the amount of cloves – and add plenty of honey. Mix well and leave to marinate. A nice generous tablespoon should do the trick. But it is safe enough to take numerous amounts throughout the day.

4. EARACHES – Children tend to suffer greatly with many forms of ear pain and the pain is excruciating! There is very little to help with this issue, except a good home remedy. Make a batch of garlic and virgin olive oil. Use a small bottle and cut up enough garlic to fill the bottle. Pour in olive oil so that all the garlic is immersed. Ideally this concoction should be left to marinate for a very long time to allow the garlic to release it’s antibiotic properties. Use a cotton swab, dip into the mixture and lather the entire ear, inside and out. *I have a bottle my mum made that is now about 15 years old and it is a miracle worker! I use it on anything I can think of!

5. SEVERE INTESTINAL PAIN (GRIPE) – What feels like stomach spasms that have you doubled over in pain and cold sweats, which can strike without warning sometimes, is actually intestinal pain! Alkaline water with a PH level of 9 is more effective than any of the antacid meds on the market. Just half a glass of this water and the horrific spasms will stop almost immediately. *Word of warning though…be near a toilet. Your body is about to eject something from the rear end!

6. TUMMY ACHE/DIARRHEA/VOMITING – Often times children/young people will suffer ongoing stomach pains ranging from mild to severe. This may be accompanied by bouts of “poo poo vomit” (as my daughter calls it) and nausea/vomiting. All of which can cause alarm, especially if you are like me, and start panicking about appendicitis! Fear not! As I have discovered that these are symptoms of a stomach infection and there is a lack of healthy gut bacteria to help in the fight. Probiotics are required urgently! Probiotic yoghurt drinks are easy to acquire, work effectively for younger children and can be consumed copiously without fear of over medicating. For older children and adults, probiotic tablets are much stronger, can be swallowed effortlessly, but please heed the directions on the packaging!

7. TOOTHACHE – The pain from a toothache is unbearable! One tooth in pain can cause your entire mouth to feel like it’s suffering. Have you heard of oil pulling? This is safe and effective for the entire family. Using cold-press coconut oil, pour enough into your mouth so you can gargle and swish it around. You will need to hold the oil in your mouth for as long as possible – ideally for 5 mins, then spit it into the toilet, not the sink.*This is going to be harder than it sounds! For smaller children, coat the tooth and gums in the garlic olive oil mixture you made previously for earache.

8. CONJUNCTIVITIS (ITCHY EYES) – Create a saline solution using sea salt and boiled water. Make sure that the salt to water ratio isn’t too strong! Place the liquid in a sterilised bottle with a dropper. Add a couple drops into each eye intermittently throughout the day.

9. VITAMINS – Vitamin C and D are two of the most invaluable vitamins required to keep our immunity boosted and strong. Most items we consume on a daily basis lack these 2 vitamins and we must consciously ensure we stay topped up. This can be difficult on a day to day basis when trying to keep up with the speed of life. Supplements are key additions to the breakfast routine for everyone in your family, especially if citrus fruits are missing from the fridge and the weather is horrific! Cod liver oil capsules for adults and children 12 and older are key every morning. For children 12 and under there are easy to swallow fish oil capsules with additional vitamins A, B and C. Vitamin C with zinc slow release tablets are perfect for adults and children 12 and over. All of these can be found in your local chemist/pharmacy.

During this time of uncertainty where our immunity shall be pushed to the limits, popping to the doctor’s is essentially off limits, and shelves in the chemist are being cleared of traditional medications, I hope these home remedies will come in handy and make this period of isolation easier when trying to manage certain symptoms.

Stay safe fellow warriors x

Rural Living

I should start by saying I feel truly blessed! As the world goes into lockdown and shops are emptied of all essential items as if preparing for famine, I am sitting in the park getting some fresh air and much needed vitamin D.

Life is pretty much normal in my rural valley. People are walking their dogs, popping into the cafes to grab a takeout, taking a stroll and enjoying the quietness that is the norm of my hometown. There is no sense of urgency or panic…just an air of calm acceptance of what surrounds us outside the valley walls.

It is almost as if by divine intervention, my valley home was prepped in advance for the drastic measures that would fast become relevant elsewhere. Having survived the floods on Feb 9th 2020, every shop, bar and restaurant, playground, school and streets had to disinfected from top to bottom. The scores of citizens who assisted in clean up over a 5 day period had to ensure they too maintained a high level of sanitization for risk of infections from the contaminated flood water. Mother Nature unleashed her worst, and we survived…united!

I cannot begin to imagine how our fellow citizens of the world are feeling now. The isolation and fear that each individual feels right now is real. The loss of identity as they try to adjust to a situation that is now their reality for an unknown time frame, is difficult to comprehend. The inability to connect physically for fear of unconsciously infecting a friend or family member is a mental and emotional burden that has the potential to wreak havoc. We have been asked to take unprecedented measures beyond our normal routine. And it is a harsh pill to swallow of how much we take our lives and activities for granted, and how much we are interconnected.

I have never felt as cocooned and safe from impending doom as I do right now. A small town with a massive heart which has faced adversity, worked together as a community to rebuild, is indeed a beautiful place to be while the world braces for turmoil. I know that my town will do all it can to protect the vulnerable, ensure everyone is safe and adhere to the guidelines. For this, I am thankful.

Even though I am truly blessed to call this valley my home, my heart and my safe haven, I hope that the Worlds citizens will learn from this experience and value everything, and everyone, we typically take for granted. Our delivery drivers, supermarket staff, our teachers, our manufacturers, our taxi drivers, medical team, hospitals…the list is endless. Without these people, the gloom we are faced with would be a million times worse! These people are hidden in the background operating quietly in the shadows, but are the most essential in times of every crisis.

Stay safe fellow warriors, do your part and stay positive…because this too shall pass. ❤️

Covid-19: Our Reality

It’s taken some time to decide if this topic was worthy of my time and effort in dedicating a blog to it. There are so many media outlets regurgitating the same information it has become difficult to comprehend or even locate the real facts. It’s almost become a ridiculous topic to even bother with, but after reading various comments on social media, I feel compelled to add my two cents now.

The doomsday preppers have started going into overdrive now with their stockpiling; the naysayers are basically saying “fuck it! Who cares!”; the analysts are quoting flu statistic deaths and telling everyone that Covid-19 is “nothing to worry about”; and the conspiracy theorists believe it to be a bioweapon. Whichever catogery you fall under, one thing to note is that we are all looking for answers.

The body kills itself by trying to heal itself.”

For all those quoting flu statistics, DID YOU KNOW the presence of the influenza virus itself isn’t going to be what kills you? An infectious disease always has a complex interaction with its host. Cells attack and destroy tissue harboring the virus, particularly in the respiratory tract and lungs where the virus tends to take hold. In most healthy adults this process works, and they recover within days or weeks. But sometimes the immune system’s reaction is too strong, destroying so much tissue in the lungs that they can no longer deliver enough oxygen to the blood, resulting in hypoxia and death. Based on autopsy studies, about one third of people who die from flu-related causes die because the virus overwhelms the immune system; another third die from the immune response to secondary bacterial infections, usually in the lungs; and the remaining third perish due to the failure of one or more other organs.

The World Health Organization estimates that worldwide, annual influenza epidemics result in about 3-5 million cases of severe illness and about 250,000 to 650,000 deaths. However, it is important to remind ourselves that it is NOT the flu virus itself that triggers an overwhelming and potentially fatal immune response, but rather a secondary infection that takes advantage of a taxed immune system. In the UK alone, over 2000 people died from pneumonia in 2018. On top of that, 44,000 people die from sepsis each year – a deadly condition that CAN be triggered by pneumonia. Having viral pneumonia can also increase your risk of developing bacterial pneumonia.

The number of people who die from an immune response to an initial viral infection versus a secondary bacterial infection depends, in part, on the viral strain and the cleanliness of the spaces in which the sick are housed. Some studies suggest that during the infamous 1918 global flu pandemic, most people died from subsequent bacterial infections. But more virulent strains such as those that cause avian flu are more likely to overwhelm the immune system on their own. The hypothesis is that virulent strains trigger a stronger inflammatory response. It also depends on the age group getting attacked. During the H1N1 2009 pandemic, the age group mostly affected was young adults, and a lot of primary viral pneumonia.

What is Covid-19?

In December 2019, an outbreak of pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus occurred in Wuhan, Hubei province, and has spread rapidly throughout China, with an ongoing risk of a pandemic. After virus identification and isolation, the pathogen for this pneumonia was originally called 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), but has subsequently been officially named severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) by the WHO. On 30 January 2020, the WHO declared the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. Compared with the SARS-CoV that caused an outbreak of SARS in 2003, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) has a stronger transmission capacity. The rapid increase in confirmed cases makes the prevention and control of COVID-19 extremely serious. Although the clinical manifestations of COVID-19 are dominated by respiratory symptoms, some patients have severe cardiovascular damage. In addition, some patients with underlying cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) might have an increased risk of death.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infects host cells , leading to coronavirus disease (COVID-19)-related pneumonia, while also causing acute myocardial injury and chronic damage to the cardiovascular system.

In summary….

Saying ALL this to say that Covid-19 has been classed as a lower respiratory infection (pneumonia virus) which infects the lower lungs versus influenza that infects the upper lungs. If this is the case, then Covid-19 IS a secondary infection on its own, and once it has infected it’s host, it goes directly to the lower lungs and may or may not dangerously mutate depending on the strength of the individual immune system.

In essence, with a lower respiratory infection (pneumonia), it is up to the immune system of each individual to fight it out on their own. It’s basically a 50 50 chance of survival even for the most healthy. Let’s forget the healthy for the time being. Let’s concentrate on those who have cancer, kidney disease, liver failure, smokers, sickle cell, lupus, diabetes, organ transplants, thyroidism, pregnant, just to name a few. Did you know that every individual with an underlying “illness” or stressed out organs, is already suffering from an immune system overload? The body is an intricate network designed to fight off “invasions”. With all of these issues, the immune system is fighting hard in the background to heal the body. Add a secondary infection/virus/bacteria and the human body goes into overdrive attacking itself in an effort to fight. Eventually the organs are depleted, blood count drops and the body gives up fighting. This is where Covid-19 can be increasingly deadly to those who are already fighting to stay alive.

What do we need to think about?

Just because people with underlying health issues are not walking around with neon signs or laying in a hospital bed does not mean that they are not sat next to us on the airplane; in the hotel room beside us or in the queue behind us. These same people are parents, grandparents, great grandparents. They have a family, a life, a desire to live life to the fullest just like the rest of us. And due to human selfish attitude by being nonchalant quoting flu statistics, these vulnerable citizens of our community are 100% more susceptible to dropping dead within 24 hours! EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON needs to wake the f*ck up to this reality of facts!

Whether we like it or not, this virus is now among us. Instead of panic buying, how about we prevent the spread by ceasing and desisting from unnecessary travel; stay away from large gatherings; sanitize hands constantly and be aware of how many times we touch our faces; and remember to adhere to hygeine etiquette inside and outside the privacy of our homes. Symptoms of Covid-19 are thought to appear between two and 10 days after contracting the virus, but it may be up to 24 days. Which means there may be no warning signs, yet still highly infectious.

Taking all this information into consideration, it is ridiculous to believe that Covid-19 is “nothing to worry about“. It is despicable to think that because we fall into the category of “fit and healthy“, we cannot die from it. Believe it or not, it’s the “fit and healthy” who are the supercarriers and can pass it onto a susceptible person. This essentially means we must ALL be held accountable for the deaths of innocent strangers who had no desire to die due to our negligence and lack of understanding.

Good luck, do your part and stay safe fellow warriors. Namaste

READ THIS FOR MORE INFO: https://www.elephantjournal.com/2020/03/in-the-wake-of-the-coronavirus-7-subjects-you-need-to-know-about/

Dream Catcher

My waking day has become the path through the darkness of my nightmares

I loathe that my life has become constricted by my horrific fears

Trying to out run my past with quiet desperation

Building walls, fighting demons, yearning for separation

I grow weary with fatigue from the struggles which attack me like a knife

And eagerly anticipate my slumber to escape the burden of my pain and strife

The sleep is satisfying and gradually the dreams begin to fill me with a warm glow

The pain finally eases, the suffering passes and the soft surrender is tranquil and mellow

Dreams are where the light casts it’s beam within the darkest recess of my soul

Extinguishing the misery, banishing the sadness and brightening the whole

I yearn to catch my dreams in a bottle like thousands of fireflies

And release them in my nightmare to shroud the anguish and the pitiful lies

My dreams are soft and sweet as I stand on top of the world feeling at peace

Hungrily I bask in this soft affection knowing the bliss will soon enough cease

For I must return to my existence where my nightmares are my continual torment

Wishing I could have held on longer to my dreams, even just for a moment.

https://creativewritingink.co.uk/writing-prompts/ Feb 19th 2020

An island of many faces

The motto of the island is “Out Of Many One“, but her skin colour places her within a small percentage of the population.

She was born there, but she was not from there. The island blood courses through her veins courtesy of her black mother, but she is neither black nor white, which is why she teeters on the edge of the race divide. Being classed as “mixed race” is by definition, a reality that feels like a “minority”.

The images of the mixed race people in history books were depicted as the babies of black slaves who had sexual relations with their white plantation master. The lighter hue of the child’s skin gave them preferential treatment and status within the household upon being born. Despite the end of slavery hundreds of years ago, this status quo still exists in the 21st Century and the socioeconomic differences are glaringly obvious. Being born “a browning” is an entitlement that will open doors to jobs that are not usually granted to the darker hue.
Being “a browning with pretty hair” is an accomplishment that will grant immediate access to the inner sanctum of the upper class realm, irrespective of which side of tracks one is born. As one woman put it, “when you black, nobody see you”.

The country coined the phrase “anything too black nuh good“. Which by their own demise, has assisted in fuelling the hatred for their own skin colour, and in turn, the trend of bleaching – the removal of skin pigmentation using chemicals to achieve a lighter skin tone – has become a viral phenomenon within the zinc lined alleyways of the ghettos. Driving through the towns, men and womens faces are lathered in white cream, their bodies fully covered from the intense sun, hoping to get one step closer to their idea of “perfection”.
This quest to be “brown” is the belief that it will better ones future. Unfortunately these men and women do not attain the colour they desire. Instead they accomplish horrific chemical burns and a ghastly appearance.

Being born “a browning” is a noose she has worn tightly around her neck as a constant reminder that she does not belong to the island she was born. It is a reminder that she is different. It is a reminder that she is supposedly privileged, and by extension, entitled. Being born mixed race feels like a curse instead of a birthright.

As a child growing up during the 80’s, in the height of racial changeover, she was stared at in awe and everyone wanted to touch her long curly hair. She was thought to be the “privileged brown child” amid the sea of black faces fighting for recognition. She was different and made to know it from a young age. She was the product of a white man and black woman and wore that stigmatism like a scarlet S on her chest. She felt uncomfortable in public areas and her mother never understood how she felt. How could she? Her mother’s skin was black. Her mother blended in and looked like everyone else. Her mother could never fully understand how her daughters skin colour was a burden at a young age. She called her daughter “shy”. Her daughter called herself “insignificant”.

This is an island of many faces fighting to fit in. Each one fighting to gain recognition. Each one trying to be accepted as more than just “insignificant”. Each one a minority, but only in their minds.

Writing Prompts

Feb 12th 2020 – creative writing prompt

Social Media Strangers

Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Twitter…has unlocked an abyss of indoctrination, hatred, false information, scams, airbrushed imperfections and fake happiness. It is the soil where cyberbullying flourishes. It is the haven of trolls, pedophiles, and every repugnant wrong doer hiding behind an avatar. Social media has long ago lost its true purpose of bridging the gap between distance and timezones to bring family and friends closer. It is now the door that allows strangers to enter our home and smear our walls with vitriol.

We live in a technological era that has indeed brought us visually closer together, but we are now more emotionally and psychologically separate than ever before.

Instagram is chocked full of beautiful photographs that give us snippets into someone’s life. We forget that it is a brief moment in time that in no way shows us the full extent of the shit storm they are dealing with on a daily basis. We see beautifully orchestrated shots of a happy family moment. We are not privy to the harsh words exchanged, the crying mother moments before, having a total breakdown believing she’s a failure. We see pictures of gorgeous scenery and believe that the person is living the dream. We are not privy to the traumatic experience they may have encountered enroute to the destination.

We are quick to make assumptions. We are quick to pass judgement. But at which point do any of us know the full story?

Newspapers and magazines post their best articles to Facebook to keep us in the know. But how much of it do we need to know? How much of it adds value to our lives? Is it more about algorithms and click bait, versus information that is emotionally stimulating and psychologically engaging?

Society has become obsessed with narcissistic selfies of beautiful faces. Where are the make-up less faces? Where are the real faces? 1 min videos pepper social media platforms showcasing talents from talentless individuals vying for the spotlight in yet again another attempt to be ‘popular’.

Social media has become a popularity contest. Where anyone can enter, and everyone is a judge. The photos which get the most likes serves as validation that we are loved. The more likes, the increased feel-good hormone, and validation that “life is good“. Long gone are the days when we would verbally communicate with someone and compliment them. Now a simple thumbs up or heart emoji is certification enough that we are perfect! Heaven forbid someone says something negative…they can be BLOCKED or reported as spam. How wonderfully convenient if real life were that simple!

Social media has become so convenient, individuals have forgotten that real life interactions and relationships are messy, difficult and we cannot just press BLOCK and remove someone from our space by reporting them to Facebook. Real life requires us to interact and showcas the imperfect version of ourselves to our neighbourhood and community…

The one who snorts when she laughs.

The one who wears pajamas under her coat on the school run.

The one who shops in charity stores because she loves bargains

The one who buys groceries from the discounted shelves in the supermarket.

The one who wears a hat because her roots are showing and desperately needs to go to the hairdresser.

The one whose nails are jacked up waiting for a nail appointment.

The one who looks like total shit in the morning with stale morning breath.

The one who has really bad acne and sees a dermatologist.

The one whose heel snaps in the street.

The one who attends school meetings to hear that their child isn’t doing so great.

The one who ugly cries watching a movie at the cinema.

The one who cleans up her dogs shit in the park.

The one who has a massive argument with her husband and the noise can be heard by the neighbours.

Social media allows our avatar to be perfect. The perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect friend living the perfect life, surrounded by perfect people. Isn’t this perfection simply a facade? Humans were designed with imperfections!

Why do we feel the need to hide our imperfections? Why do we hide the side of ourselves that are the most real? Why do we paint false pictures of our circumstances? Why do we prefer to show the world only our best features, our best sides? Why do we act like our lives are wonderfully glamorous, when in fact we are hurting? Why do we feel that strangers need to see the intimate details of our bodies in bikinis? Why do we constantly need validation that we are beautiful and living the best life?

We would never allow strangers into our home to casually critique our lifestyle. We wouldn’t invite complete strangers into our space to spend time with our kids. We would never invite strangers for dinner because we are desperate for “friends”. We wouldn’t want to meet a stranger for a drink in their home for fear of something bad happening.

If we wouldn’t physically invite strangers into our space, what is the difference when we do it on social media? Aren’t we inviting complete strangers into the private, intimate areas of our life? Because it’s happening on a screen, does not mean it’s different from a group of people walking through the back door of our home?

Social media leaves us far more vulnerable to critique. Social media is the unlocked door that allows unscrupulous individuals to enter and trample over our space and touch our most private thoughts. These strangers are able to comment, torment and villify. Why did we allow them to freely enter in the first place? When this intrusiveness claims lives, has our quest to showcase our “perfect life” and our desire to be “liked” gone too far?

I commend those individuals – celebrities and otherwise – who choose not to allow strangers into their lives through the back door called Social Media.

Ride to unknown

I’ve been here before.

I have travelled this journey a thousand times already in my mind, but on this occasion I am following my heart with much intrepidation. I have decided that there is no “right time”, only a “right now” to let go of the stereotypical definitions that have governed my existence and take that journey into the unknown. Most people would call me crazy. I prefer to call myself brave…

I am brave for stepping on this train.
I am brave for saying “enough is enough”.
I am brave for leaving everything behind to quell my hunger of self-discovery.

Why am I doing this I ask myself, as I stare through the carriage window searching for a sign that might hold the truth to my question.
I pull my shoulders back, sit up straighter and breathe a deep sigh of relief… I don’t need a sign. I already know why I am doing this.
I am doing this because I am following my heart’s desire for a place where I feel comfortable in my own skin.
A place where I can exist without justifying who I am.
A place where I am free to express who I want to be without judgement.
A place where my hopes and dreams can bloom freely like flowers in the Spring sunshine.
A place to rest my battle axe, weary from waging war on myself for not being “good enough”.
I desperately need to find inner peace and safe refuge from years of self-limiting beliefs.

I have no idea what I will find when I get to where I am going, but the knowing that I am escaping the iron fisted grasp of my previous life is good enough right now. I will figure the rest out when I get there.
As I glance shyly at the emotionless faces, I realise that we all take that ride into the unknown at various points in our lives.

We are all trying to run away from something. Sometimes we are running from bad relationships, bad debt and maybe poor life choices. Some of us are lucky enough to escape, and some of us are not brave enough to change trains headed in a different direction. Whatever the reason, as I take a closer look at the eclectic hodge podge of persons that are on this particular journey, I know that each one will have their own unique story to share when the time is right.


Karma isn’t a bitch!


Karma has many definitions, but the most used explaination is the cause and effect of one’s actions. Basically if you do something wrong then whatever you did in the past will continue to haunt you. But this is a fear-based definition.
I prefer to use the love-based definition that states it is a series of events that you must learn from in order to grow.

10 years ago I had a massive falling out with someone who was my best friend and the twin brother I had always wanted.
We met in high school and were inseparable. We shared our highs and lows. We laughed and cried. We dished out advice. We argued. We had each others backs no matter what.

Unfortunately something occured that was my fault, and it hurt him so bad. It was so bad and left him devastated, he told me to never, ever speak to him again. I couldn’t even be upset when he called me the spawn of satan. I knew I had done wrong. I was in a bad place at the time and I was stupid. I did what anyone would have done, which was simply erase him from my memory and my life, and move on as if he never existed. I have always done this throughout my life.

But Karma had other plans, and the irony was not lost on me when we ended up face to face a year later.

We ended up working in the same industry. We had separate roles, but my job required interaction within his space, and let’s just say the awkwardness was glaringly obvious. I wanted so bad to reach out and talk, but I respected his wishes and ignored his presence, and he likewise. It was as if we never existed. He looked through me. And it hurt so bad! I knew that if things had been different, we would have been laughing and joking around. But now we were doing the dance of two strangers who had never met.

Having left that industry behind as I start a new life journey and allowing a decade of devastation to pass, I could no longer fight the urge to reach out. Not to beg for forgiveness (again) or mend the bridge, but to tell him it was an honour watching him reach for the stars and fulfill his dreams despite the naysayers. I wanted him to know that despite our past, I was proud of his accomplishments. I wanted him to know that I never stopped caring about him as a person, even if we were no longer friends.

With a new decade of possibilities ahead, I wanted to release the old baggage. I wanted to make peace with Karma by acknowledging its presence, accepting it’s lesson and letting the energy of the past go. I guess my message to him was in essence a way of thanking Life for altering my path when I couldn’t see clearly at the time. I know now that if our dramatic falling out hadn’t happened, my path would have taken an entirely different course, which would not have led me to where I am today. It took me damaging a friendship to unknowingly(?) alter my life…which has been a reoccurring theme in my life.

When bad things happen, do we acknowledge that there is a reason?

When something bad happens do we shut down and allow the pain to swallow us?

How many of us take a moment to replay our lives?

How easily can we recall events and moments that altered the course of our life?

As the saying goes “everything in life happens for a reason”. The reason will not be immediately clear, but over time we must look back and connect the dots to see the full picture. Once we see the full picture only then can we unlock the door in front of us which takes us to the next phase of our journey.

Have you noticed a theme or trend throughout your life – a reoccurring set of events that are so similar it feels like groundhog day? This is called Karma, and it isn’t an evil bitch. It is the key to unlocking the door that takes us to the next phase of our life journey – but that door to freedom will only open once we have dealt with the issues that are presented.

Good luck fellow Warriors, you are the only ones who hold the key to freeing yourselves from a karmic cycle.

Bitch, Bye!

Who else is annoyed at the continuous vitriol directed at Meghan Markle and by extent, Harry? To be honest, who cares about her past, what race she is, where she grew up and what her true intentions are for fuck sake! This is what is wrong with the world… this incessant attacking of women! Whether it’s their hair, body, age, race, height, culture, circumstance, history… It’s all the fucking same from the media, the trolls and the public… Constantly passing judgement and finding fault in an underhanded manner to sell papers and gain the most clicks. It’s absolutely sickening now, and it’s no wonder Harry has decided to retreat into the background to protect his wife and son.

Who cares if Meghan has disassociated from her toxic family for whatever reason. Who cares if Harry has a bust up with his brother. Who cares if Meghan is a divorcee who posted the ring back to her ex. We all have history. We all have baggage. We all have had bust ups and done and said stupid things. But for these past issues to be re-hashed as if they are who they are today, is just absurd!

Harry comes from a long line of royalty…yeah we know. Did you know that the Royal Family live off the taxpayers money and enjoy the benefits of having a title that only opens doors and gets things done. Harry, nor any of his family, work for a living and have no idea what it feels like to work a 40 hour shift to save for a holiday, pay bills or buy a house. However, unlike the rest of the over privileged brats in his family, Harry has finally had the tenacity to say “no more!” No more living off the tax payer, no more living in granny’s home, no more pretending he enjoys being a so-called “Prince” who will never be King.

Let’s face it… Harry was never one to play by the rules. He always knew he had the title of Prince, but he knew he was never destined to be King, so what was the point of the title… and he always behaved accordingly. The media and the public seem to have forgotten his drunken nights out with different women and getting caught in compromising situations. The media has forgotten that he was front line in the army based in Afghanistan much to the dislike of his family. He has always wanted to get his hands dirty and he has always wanted to live an “ordinary” life, living by his rules.

…And here comes Meghan. This gorgeous philanthropist who may have been an actress, but used her success to promote womens rights in all parts of the world. She had a blog and Instagram page that showcased her passion for travel, wine and charity work. She may have been born in the ghetto of Compton, but she damn well knows what it feels like to work hard and be fiercely independent. Yeah she made a few mistakes along the way (who hasn’t), but she found her “prince charming” who was yearning to escape the castle, and now as a true power couple, they can finally live their happily ever after using THEIR own money and on THEIR terms… and not on the innocent tax payers dime dictated to by an old 90 year old grandmother! Come on people, ya’ll know you don’t want no man who still live at home with his granny… much less not own the car he drives. Bitch please!

Let’s face a few home truths. Meghans got some toxic, fame hungry family members who only crawl out from under their rock when they smell money. Her father is no exception. He has continually sold his sob story, and yet, after recieving a private letter from his daughter begging for him to stop, we are AGAIN reading his comments and hearing about the TV interview he will doing tonight! I’m sure ya’ll got some beggars in your family that you never invite for Christmas dinner because you know they only want something! So why are we giving her father airtime when most of us can appreciate and understand her pain?

Poor Harrys family have so many skeletons under the floorboards the Palace probably stinks of rotten flesh. From a drugged up, alcoholic auntie to a pedophile uncle. Dare we not forget his father who had a mistress while married to beloved Princess Diana. With all of this surrounding them, can we blame either of them for wanting to protect their son and to protect their human dignity? The need to escape from the clutches of a highly dysfunctional “family” and backhanded abusive media is so great, they will stop at nothing to break ties, even when it means relinquishing their royal titles and moving to another country.

But one thing is sure… they have both behaved in such a dignified manner by choosing to ignore the haters and simply tell the world, “Bitch, Bye!”

Are we too busy to enjoy Life?

People often describe the UK as cold, miserable, dark, depressing, rainy and downright shit.

As I write this blog I am enjoying the sunshine on another dry day. The sun is that warm I have had to unzip my coat and remove my hat because I am beginning to feel a bit hot. I’ve been back for 5 months and in that time I have watched the seasons change, noticed the dark evenings rolling in, felt the bitter chill and watched the raindrops dance on the window sill. The greatest thing I have noticed is how present I have become in these moments. Moments which I used to ignore and take for granted as I moved through LIFE being too “busy” to care.

We complain there are not enough hours in the day to “enjoy” ourselves because we are too busy. But the question is.. what is “enjoyment” and are we really that busy?

To “enjoy” does it mean we have to go somewhere and be doing something that releases endorphins? Is simply “noticing” not a form of enjoying? We complain life is short. But is it only short if we aren’t paying attention to what can be considered the “insignificant things”?

How often do we just sit quietly observing our external world? How much do we really pay attention to our immediate surrounding – in the moment? Aren’t we always DOING instead of just BEING?

We spend money on meditation classes, read in-depth articles and self help books to find peace within. But have we stopped to consider that the “peace” we are searching for inside ourselves, exists externally if we took a moment to pay attention?

As I sit here in the park watching the world go by, listening to the daily sounds of life, I see the once naked trees have started to bud again because they know that despite the varying temperatures, it is time for them to start preparing for the season change. I sit and watch dog owners interact with their furry companions as if they were human, just as a mother would speak to her child. I sit in quiet fascination as the clouds change shape and are drawn to the suns welcoming embrace. I listen to the seagulls screeching entangled with the crows squawk as they try to outdo the beautiful chirping of the songbirds.

These are the precious moments that bring me the greatest enjoyment – having ears to listen, eyes to witness and the ability to be part of this majestic scenario we call LIFE.